Quick Look

Sumakshi Singh’s artwork ranges from embroidery to tiny sculptures, cracks and plants hidden in the floor and walls to large illusions drawn out in 3 dimensional spaces, exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide.  This page offers a quick look at some recent projects in thread-work, animations, installations, projections, sculpture and architectural interventions.

Studio Processes

Behind the scenes, studio footage and interview 2017:  Shot for India Art Fair by Jamun.

About my Artwork

General introduction to Sumakshi Singh’s art practice.

In, Between the Pages

“In, Between the Pages” Kochi-Muziris Biennale, India – 2014. This interactive, multi-media installation plays with perspective to create the illusion of a manuscript book, in which viewers see themselves and others moving about as miniature characters.

Circumferences Forming, Always Transforming, Now Reforming and Leaving Centers Everywhere

“Circumferences Forming, Always Transforming, Now Reforming and Leaving Centers Everywhere”Musée d’Art Contemporain, MAC Lyon, France: part of exhibition “Indian Highway”, 2011. Islands of images resembling old Italian frescoes peel off the walls and ceiling while tiny holes in the floor and walls reveal intricate stop-motion animations and sculpted micro-worlds.


“Journeys”Kunsthaus Langenthal, Switzerland: part of exhibition “One and One make Eleven”, 2015. A mapped exploration of journeys- great and small, from a humble vine growing on its destined pre-drawn path to Hanuman’s grand journey from the scriptures.

Circumferences Reforming: Peel Till They Bloom

“Circumferences Reforming: Peel Till They Bloom”TRIAD, Miami, USA – 2012. Artist walk-through of the exhibition.