Plays In Perception

Interactive multi-media installations play with perspective to create ‘illusions’ that enable viewers to inhabit and alter the imagery with their movements in space. These works reference the concept of maya, the playing field of illusions, in which the yogis claim we appear to operate.

Interactive Installations, Anamorphisms/ Perspective drawings in 3d space, Stop-motion Animations, Video Projections and Time-lapse videos.


Seemingly empty or deteriorating spaces, saturated with tiny sculptures, dioramas, living plants, scars, cracks, carved paper, collage, moving (animated) ‘frescos’, lumps, bumps and other things that could be art.

Site-specific Installations with plaster, plants, collage, sculptures in polymer clay, various architectural interventions, Stop-Motion Animations on screens embedded in walls, floor and ceiling.

Other Projects

Other projects spring-boarding off ideas of Space and Place.

Public Art, Performance, Stop-motion animations, Site-specific Installations