Peel till they Bloom: 2008

Galerie Kashya Hildebrand, Zurich, Switzerland - Solo Show

View from outside

Installation of Split Wall.  18ft X 10ft.

View from Entrance.

Cliff. Acrylic on polymer clay, layers of painted and cut paper.

View as one turns a corner in the gallery.


Windswept. wood, ivy, polymer clay, 1 inch X 0.5 inches X 0.5 inches.



Details. Wall Drawing,

Details. Layered paper fitted into a pre-existing groove in the wall.

Details Graffiti Wall. Layers of painted paper, carved.

Orchid. Acrylic on polymer clay, fabric, thread, wire. 2.5 inches X 2 inches X 4inches.

Monsoon Pod (left), Sprout (right above) , Bud (right bottom). Acrylic on polymer clay.

Split Wall.  18ft X 10ft.

Project Description/ Medium: Layers of paper were  individually painted, adhered and carved into to resemble peeling wall paint. Tiny micro-interventions made of paper, paint, polymer clay  and organic materials peeped out from the seemingly deteriorating gallery surfaces.


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