Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, USA - Solo Show

Installation view.



In the shadow of Pink. Acrylic on polymer clay, tinted vaseline, scratches into wall surface, nail. Upper image- 2ftx3.5ft. Lower image- 2.5 inchesx3.5 inches.

Tiers. wrapped around a corner. Acrylic on polymer clay 1.2 inchesx1.2 inchesx2 inches

Detail- wall. Layers of paint

The plexiglas and resin rivulets leaked out of the gallery to the fish-pond located in the ‘non-art viewing section’ of the level below.

View of gallery from above. The plexiglas puddle extends out of the gallery space and leaks into the fish pond one floor below, exploring methodologies of looking that transform as soon as the threshold of the “art viewing space” is crossed

Detail – wall. Tape, paint, polymer clay, plaster

Hollow. 3inches X 4 inches X 6 inches. Wood and Polymer clay appearing from behind a hole in the wall.

Project Description/Medium: Cracks were traced from the sidewalk outside the museum and then carved into the built MDF floor. Plexiglas, resin, polymer clay inserted into these fissures and grooves visually connected with the water puddles and rivulets found on the street outside in this rainy month of April.

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